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How long did you hands linger
Over the inside cover
Of the book of love poetry
That you gave me in our past life together?

As you penned the words of love and admiration,
Did you think our hearts would dwell together
From century to century
From this life to the next?

The ink has faded.
The book has been stashed away,
And the sentiments have vanished.


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I have separated the batteries
from the clock
and forgotten to wind the watch.

Time remains at three seventeen-
Not a moment earlier-
Not an hour later.

Remain with me here in the everlasting afternoon.
Dwell with me in timelessness.

Tomorrow no longer exists.
Night has ceased to be.

We just needed to find the place
in the wonderland of forever daylight.

Winter’s Short Sabbatical

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Have I been paroled from Winter’s grip
Or given a day pass?
Lingering ice absorbed into dirt
And frozen ground softens.
Birds chirp and dance like it was Spring.
Oh how they’ll be surprised tomorrow
When cold winds dance
And ice goes back to work once again.

Nod to Chocolate Cake

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This is a plate.  This is the space for chocolate cake.  This is the space where emotion meets food.  The texture with the tears… the sweetness with the happiness.

Throughout Clinical Pastoral Education, seminary and, now, ministry, chocolate cake becomes my delight when the world seems wrong or sad.  It’s my stone when the day is dreary.  It’s where I see the smoothness and richness of God’s hand beyond the melancholy.  My head swims with every bite of this cake.  And the day turns around when I take this plate, thank God for this day, thank God for this cake.  I devour the cake, and only crumbs remind me of the painful remnants of the day.

A homeless man …

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A homeless man passed me on the street as I was receiving devistating news about one of my congregants.


He was the face of Christ down to the last wrinkle and in each greying hair.  He sauntered along the sidewalk.


The Spirit of Christ lived within him.  He lived within a different kingdom.  A kingdom far from the bar patrons drinking their overpriced beers on a Friday afternoon.  He may have tread two or three feet from them, but he existed a world away.

I made my way back into the restaurant.  Minutes later, I was walking back out.  The Christ was being handcuffed.  Whatever he looked like, whatever he did couldn’t be accepted or understood in this kingdom.

The Wind Whistles

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The wind whistles
As it calls me home,
Leaning towards the plains,
Roaming ‘cross the country,
Asking who am I.
I want it to stop.
I can’t walk where I need to walk.
I can’t climb where I need to climb.
The wind has found it’s voice.

The wind whistles.
It’s lips are leaves.
Right as they yellow,
In the midst of fall,
It cries out:
“Who am I?”
“Where am I going?”
“I’m falling!”
Swaying back and forth
As the leaves fall to earth.

The wind whistles
In Winter’s yell.
For chills not enough,
The wind calls out
Wanting more.
Screaming for a yesterday that will never return.
December woes crack fragile branches
And gusts reign the fallen snows.
Tomorrow’s too far away
To realize that Winter may die
And rise again to Spring.

The wind whistles
Tickling flowers
Laughing with the bees
And caressing birds wings.
It whistles a happy tune
Crying no more.
The screams of Winter – buried in the past
And Summer’s song to bloom soon.

Michelle L. Torigian
February 10, 2010

Stained by Cherries

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I’d rather have my heart stained by cherries
Than soaked in chocolate.
For cherries are sweet
And red –
The color of my heart.
If my heart is soaked with chocolate
It may seem like a treat for all
But really it’s a heart covered in chocolate.

I’d rather my eyes be stained by cherries
Than soaked in chocolate.
I think I could see through the stain
To a world that is rose colored.
But a chocolate covered covered world-
Whether tinted with one color dye, all white or all dark-
May seem like a treat for all,
But it’s a world I can’t see.

I’d rather my hands be stained by cherries
Than soaked in chocolate.
But why would my hands be soaking in chocolate?
That’s kind of bizarre…
But stained by cherries – hmmm…
They would look pink, maybe.

I’d rather my lips be stained by cherries
Than soaked in chocolate.
Nope, I don’t, actually.
The opposite, rather.
I’d rather my lips be soaked in chocolate
Than stained by cherries.
I would want to keep licking my lips.
(And maybe I’d find a man better that way!)
But if they were stained by cherries,
It would be so unattractive
Chapped-looking lips.
No one would kiss me that way.

Michelle L. Torigian
February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Simone de Beauvoir!

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“Man is defined as a human being and a woman as a female – whenever she behaves as a human being she is said to imitate the male.”

“Why one man rather than another? It was odd. You find yourself involved with a fellow for life just because he was the one that you met when you were nineteen.”

Violence and the table

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Thought I had before I post over at our blog:

Some people ask if we are worthy to come to the table. I wonder if we are safe. Is the tables in the homes of our congregants, family members, friends safe tables? Can people have discussions at the table without verbal abuse? Is the person across from them at the table hitting them behind closed doors away from the table? Some women (or even some men) are told over and over that they are unworthy, and then they adopt this as their self-view. So as they come to the table, they feel that they are the inferior person at the table. Their vision of the Imago Dei (image of God) within themselves has vanished.

Amazing Quote from the Proverbs of Ashes text

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“Was ministry the art of standing by, while the world exposes its violent hands?” p. 17